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Histology Services Free Trial



GDP1001IHC(researchers supply primary antibody)$15Cart
GDP1002TMA-IHC(researchers supply TMA slides and primary antibody)$25Cart
GDP1003Single IF(researchers supply primary antibody)$17.5Cart
GDP1004Double IF(researcher supply primary antibody)$27.5Cart
GDP1005TMA Single IF(researchers supply TMA slides and primary antibody)$27.5Cart
GDP1006TMA double IF(researchers supply TMA slides and primary antibody)$37.5Cart
GDP1010Tunel detection(Servicebio supply kit)$30Cart
GDP1020Slides Scanning(bright field)$7.5Cart
GDP1021Slides Scanning(Single IF)$12.5Cart
GDP1022Slides Scanning(Double IF)$22.5Cart
GDP1023Slides Scanning(TMA bright field)$15Cart
GDP1024Slides Scanning(TMA Single IF)$200Cart
GDP1025Slides Scanning(TMA Double IF)$300Cart
GDP1026Antibody IHC Validation(Servicebio supply TMA slides and scanning)$50Cart
GDP1027Antibody IF Validation(Servicebio supply TMA slides and scanning)$60Cart
GDP1028Usage of Antibody(Servicebio supply primary antibody)$5Cart
GP1001Tissue Trimming,Processing,Embedding$7Cart
GP1002Section(adhered slides)$2Cart
GP1003TMA Making Service, 15x20, 1mm$750Cart
GP1004TMA Making Service, 16x10, 1.5mm$480Cart
GP1005TMA Making Service, 8x12, 2mm$288Cart
GP1006TMA Making Service, 6x9, 3mm$150Cart
GP1007TMA Making Service, 3x15, 5mm$75Cart
GP1009Bone Decalcification$5Cart
GP1013HE Staining$3Cart
GP1014Safranin O-Fast Green Staining (plant)$7.5Cart
GP1015Safranin O-Fast Green Staining (bone tissue)$7.5Cart
GP1016Trichrome Masson Staining$7.5Cart
GP1017Sirius Red Staining$7.5Cart
GP1018Periodic acid Schiff (PAS) Staining$7.5Cart
GP1019Alcian Blue Staining$7.5Cart
GP1020AB-PAS Staining$7.5Cart
GP1023Toluidine Blue Staining$7.5Cart
GP1024Nissl's Staining$7.5Cart
GP1027Luxol Fast Blue Staining$7.5Cart
GP1028Prussian Blue Staining$7.5Cart
GP1029Verhoeff's Van Gieson Staining$7.5Cart
GP1031Van Gieson (VG) Staining$7.5Cart
GP1032Von Kossa Staining$7.5Cart
GP1033Alizarin Red S Staining$7.5Cart

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